How to clean AC evaporator coils yourself

HVAC Maintenance
How to clean ac evaporator coils yourself and save a lot of money. When you clean the evaporator coils yourself you can take your time and make sure It's cleaned extremely well. This post will show and tell you how to access the coils and what chemicals to use to clean them. Clean coil side Dirty coil side How to access your evaporator coil. Depending on whether you have an electric air handler or a gas furnace will determine how you access your evaporator coil to clean it. The picture below is an example of an Air Handler that has an evaporator coil inside. You can always determine where the evaporator coil is by looking at where the copper refrigerant lines go in. It's the large line that has black…
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How much does it cost to install a Goodman air conditioner

How much does it cost to install a Goodman air conditioner ? In this article, I’m gonna give you a complete breakdown of how much does it cost to install a Goodman air conditioner. When people are searching for the replacement cost of a Goodman air conditioner we first need to distinguish. Are talking about just the outside Goodman condenser or are they talking about installing a whole Goodman system? A whole system would include the condenser outside as well as an indoor air handler or furnace with an evaporator coil. Quite often when people say how much does an air conditioner cost. What they are referring to is just the outside condenser. However, an air conditioner is more than just the outside condenser. Regardless I will break down the…
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The Cost To Replace A Heat Pump

In 2021
The Cost To Replace A Heat Pump. Here Is an in-depth complete breakdown of the cost to replace a heat pump for your home. The purchase of a heat pump outdoor condenser, Evaporator coil, Air Handler, Furnace, or whole System it's a big decision. If you are considering purchasing a new (heat pump condenser by itself) or purchasing a whole indoor and outdoor heat pump system then read this whole article carefully. It may just save you a lot of money and frustration. I will do my best to break down every aspect of the heat pump system cost. Everything comes into play when it comes to the cost of a heat pump system. The cost to replace various models of heat pumps Before we get into breaking down every…
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Why Does A Air Conditioner Ice Up And How To Fix It

Air conditioner blowing warm air, HVAC repairs
Why Does A Air Conditioner Ice Up And How To Fix It In this blog post, I will go over the various reasons an air conditioner will ice up. I will also go over the various things to look for and how to fix them. Get your Air Conditioner to STOP ICING up and back to working correctly. If your home air conditioner system is icing up there are several reasons why this is happening. A residential split system can ice up at the inside evaporator coil and it can also ice up at the condenser. At the outside condenser, the copper line-set will get ice on it and so can the compressor motor at the bottom of the condenser. Occasionally the condenser coils will also start to get ice…
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Why does a home central air conditioner trip the breaker

HVAC repairs
This post will give you various reasons as to why does a home central air conditioner trip the breaker. There are various types of systems and breakers so I will categorize this post to address each one. The breaker for the outside condenser is typically a 30, 40, or 50 AMP 2 pole breaker. I'm going to make a list of the reasons that breaker trips and then I will break down each of those reasons with the repair solution for each. If your breaker is for a different component then please read below for the other components to your HVAC system and why that breaker will trip. The main tool required to troubleshoot is a multimeter. A cheap one will do just fine. Take your time and be patient…
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