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heater repair
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If your furnace isn’t functioning correctly and you want some answers before calling a service professional then you are at the right place.

Typical Furnace Heater Repairs

A furnace is designed to operate for many years if it receives proper maintenance.

Old furnaces required maintenance/Tune-up every once in a while. But modern furnaces require much more maintenance to extend the life of the furnace.

Here are some typical issues a furnace may have that will require a heater repair.

Bad Furnace Control Board

heater repair
Heater repairs on a furnace control board

The control board comes in various sizes and styles depending on what specific system you have.

If your control board isn’t operating correctly the thermostat will tell the furnace to come on but, it won’t engage.

I have been on numerous service calls where the homeowner thinks their furnace is operating by magic. This is because it comes on and goes off when it wants to. The furnace may even shut off unexpectedly after turning on.

heater repair
heater repair

 Another common issue a furnace may have is a bad furnace ignitor. This part will create a spark after the furnace has gone through a sequence of operations.

If the part is bad the sequence will not go to the next step and the gas can’t be ignited.

Furnace gas valve

A furnace gas valve does not go out as often as some other parts may. But, this part does go bad or get debris clogged on the inside.

Typically if the whole housing has been in the unit for quite some time it may be better to just replace the whole gas valve.

some heater repairs are the inducer fan motor & housing.

If you have a furnace that seems to go through most of the start-up functions but then shuts down you may have a bad inducer.

There is a suction hose that comes off the inducer fan housing and connects to a switch. If the inducer fan motor isn’t operating correctly there won’t be enough suction to engage the switch.

If the switch doesn’t close then the control board won’t go through the whole start-up sequence and will start the cycle over.

I have been on heater repairs and found a bird’s nest inside the flue pipe that was preventing adequate airflow. Because of the bird’s nest, the suction on the hose was not strong enough and the furnace would not start.


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