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A/C And Heating Repair Service

A/C And Heating Repair Service

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A/C And Heating Repair Service
A/C And Heating Repair Service

Here in South Louisiana your A/C and Heating system could have any number of issues preventing it from operating properly.

If you are the curious type. Continue to read this page to discover what your possible HVAC system problem may be,

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A/C And Heating Repair Service troubleshooting article is below.

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After 5 & Weekends Air Conditioning & Heating, we believe in providing a [better] service experience.

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  • Pricing before any work is done, so there are no price surprises.
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Mandeville, La A/C & Heating Repair

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Possible A/C And Heating Repair Service Issues.

If your outdoor condenser shut off all a sudden. Here are the common A/C repair issues that will need to be addressed first.

The most common issue would be a bad thermostat.

Depending on what type of system you have the thermostat may be the first place to start.

AC repair service
Typical Thermostat

A simple test will show you if the thermostat is functioning.

1st set the fan to the on position.

The fan button or display is normally in the Auto position.

If the indoor fan turns on this tells you a couple of things. It tells you the Air handler or Furnace board is functional and has 24 volts.

It also tells you the thermostat sent the correct message to the unit.

2nd turn the fan back to auto. Then put the system on cool or heat whichever you are trying to get operational.

If the outdoor condenser comes on then you know the thermostat sent the correct signal. If it didn’t you could have a bad thermostat.

But don’t jump to conclusions just yet.

Put the thermostat in the Heat mode. If the heater comes on but the condenser didn’t you very well could have other problems.

The Good HVAC News.

The good news is if your thermostat caused all but one function to come on your thermostat is most likely good.

The Bad HVAC News.

Depending on what component didn’t come on that part of the HVAC has something wrong with it.

So we either proved the thermostat good or bad.

If it’s bad lets move on.

A/C Condenser Contactors

When a qualified person performed the steps above. If the Condenser didn’t come on that’s where the problem will be.

The picture below is probably what your condenser looks like.

AC condenser repair
A/C And Heating Repair Service for a condenser

Depending on what type of system you have the condenser will most likely have a dual run capacitor. I will put the picture of some examples directly below.

A/C And Heating Repair Service
Example of a dual run capacitor

Or you may have another type of capacitor in conjunction with the one you see above. The picture below will be of a Single run capacitor.

ac repair of a single run capacitor.
Single run capacitor.

Another common part that will cause the condenser to go out is the contactor.

The ac contactor or condenser contactor may go bad all of the sudden.

The contactor is what transfers the power to the condenser components. The thermostat sends voltage in cooling mode or heating mode.

If the thermostat sends the correct voltage for the correct function then the contactor should engage.

If the thermostat is correct and the contractor doesn’t engage then you may have a bad contactor.

A/C And Heating Repair Service
Typical A/C Condenser contactor. Some models vary slightly

This is what a typical A/C Contactor will look like when the side panel of the condenser is removed.

Some models have a slight variation but this contactor covers a lot of brands.

That about covers the simple repairs that happen to a condenser.

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