Trane XR17 Air Conditioner Reviews And Important Considerations

Trane XR17 Air Conditioner Reviews
Trane XR17 Air Conditioner Reviews

This is my review of the Trane XR17 Air Conditioner condenser. I have installed more than 300 of these systems and deal with any warranty work and follow-up with customers.

This review will include the specifications of the Trane XR17 Air Conditioner system. However, more importantly, I will include the pros and cons of my installs. I will also include the details you need to look out for in selecting a contractor to put this system in.

Trane XR17 SEER Rating

The SEER, rating of an HVAC system determines the energy efficiency. The higher the SEER rating the more energy-efficient the system is.

The Trane XR 17 is not the highest in energy efficiency. However, it is much more energy-efficient than a basic 14 SEER system. After installing the XR17 and getting customer feedback some have told me their utility bill is 60% lower.

The 20 SEER Trane system is more energy-efficient than the XR 17 Trane Air Conditioner.

When I go over system options with people they often don’t put enough importance on SEER rating. The reason it’s so important is because of the amount of money saved over the lifetime of the system. It doesn’t make sense to save 2,000 on a lower energy-efficient system but, pay 8,000 dollars more over the lifetime of the system.

Trane XR17 Nominal Sound

The average sound level in decibels for the Trane XR17 is approximately 74. The higher the number, the louder the unit. For example, a kitchen dishwasher = 70. I have found that comparing the outdoor unit isn’t the same as comparing it to appliances inside the home. The air conditioner condenser is outside where the sound can go through the air. Your indoor appliance sound bounces off the inside walls and seems much louder. Compared to other units I have installed this specific model is quiet in my opinion than many other models I have installed. When it comes to sound the location of the condenser is important. Make sure the condenser is far enough from the exterior walls. If possible have your XR 17 Trane condenser installed away from rooms that are frequently occupied. You especially would want the systems away from bedrooms and rooms or outside areas where you will be entertaining guests.

Trane XR17 Cooling Stages

Trane systems come in single-stage, two-stage, and variable-stage systems. Units with variable cooling stages can control the temperature better while saving energy compared to single and two-stage.

Variable Speed

A true variable speed system stays on almost all the time while ramping way down to reduce energy. The variable stage system stays on to control humidity and temperature.

The Trane variable speed system is the most efficient system to cool your home.

Single Stage

The single-stage starts up and runs at a fairly consistent speed and energy usage. The single-stage isn’t as energy efficient as the variable speed or the two-stage.

2-Stage System

The 2-stage is more energy-efficient than the single-stage but is nowhere near as energy-efficient as the variable speed Trane systems.

As the name implies the 2 stages of the system run at one speed and energy consumption and when it goes into the 2nd stage it runs at about 65-70% of the first stage.

When determining the type of cooling stage you are looking for you will need to take a few things into consideration. If you don’t have a big budget then you will not be able to afford the variable speed system.

However, you may be able to get a single-stage or 2-stage system. The single-stage and 2-stage systems are less money in upfront investment than the variable speed.

Trane XR17 Air Conditioner Reviews
Trane XR17 Air Conditioner ReviewsTrane XR17 Air Conditioner Reviews

Trane XR17 Energy Savings

Yearly energy savings are based on the ratings of a matched system. The majority of systems installed prior to 2006 are 10 SEER or lower.

If you have a Trane XR17 system installed and the existing system you have is 10 years or older you will save a lot of money on your energy bill.

Depending on the age and efficiency of your existing system. You may save 38% on your energy consumption by going with a higher seer single-stage system.

You may save 50% when you get a 2-stage system. The 2-stage system is more energy-efficient than the single-stage and will save you a lot of money over the lifetime of the system.

If you go with the variable speed system you could see as much as 72% savings.

Keep in mind the system’s energy efficiency will only operate at its maximum potential if the system is installed properly.

I have inspected systems that were installed and should have been much more energy efficient. However, because they were poorly and improperly installed they operated worse than the old system that was removed.

If you are planning to invest in a new system it’s much better to invest in a high seer system because of the long-term savings.

Two-Stage Climatuff™ compressor

Some Trane XR 17 Air Conditioner systems use the Climatuff compressor. I have worked on these compressors and I sincerely believe they are the best compressors on the market today.

The reason I believe they are the best compressors on the market today is that I almost never come across one that has major problems. The technicians in the field know what brands and years of compressors have problems and which ones don’t.

Spine Fin™ outdoor coil

The Trane XR 17 Air Conditioners come with the patented spine fin coil. I believe from doing maintenance on systems that the spine fins hold up much better than the traditional coils.

I have done service in areas that have salt water and the other coils break down much faster than the spine fin coil. Trane also does a good job of testing the fins at the facility before they ever leave the factory.

I always liked the Spine fin coils because I found they required less maintenance than standard style coils. I did energy analysis on my maintenance to determine the energy improvement after my maintenance was completed.

The spine fin coils showed the least amount of improvement compared to the traditional coils. This is a good thing.

The traditional coils showed more improvement after cleaning meaning they lose performance and energy efficiency faster when they become dirty. With the traditional style of coil fins the dirt, dust, and pollen get stuck in between the fins and the unit loses energy efficiency.

Upgraded fan motor

The Trane XR 17 Air Conditioner also has an upgraded fan motor that is more energy-efficient and longer-lasting.

Trane XR17 Air Conditioner Final Review

I have installed many of the Trane XR 17 systems and it is a great system. This system is durable and the technology has stood the test of time.

The most important thing to remember is that all of the procedures are followed on the installation. I would rather have any brand, make, or model installed correctly than the best system installed wrong.

So if you are interested in getting a Trane system installed make sure the company has a reputation to protect and has written guarantees.

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